Greetings from the Sierra Nevada! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy.

I’d like to let you know that I will be judging the first inaugural Natural Landscape Photography Awards along with a group of some of the best landscape photographers in the world: Joe Cornish, Sarah Marino, Adam Gibbs, Alex Noriega, Alister Benn, Stefan Forster, and Sandra Bartocha,

I am eager to see your entries and the final results. From their website:

“Welcome to the first Natural Landscape Photography Awards, a competition created to find the very best landscape photography of the natural world. This is a competition for digital and film photographers who value realism in their images and edit with this in mind. As a result we have a few more rules (eek!) than other competitions but we hope the result will be a fantastic showcase of not only photographer’s talents, but also the true wonder of the landscape.”

The prize pool is impressive, and the entry fees are reasonable, so it’s worth a shot! 

Use the code NEILL15 to save 15% on your entry.

Finally, I still have Collector’s Edition Light on the Landscape books left if you want to grab one before they are all gone.

Kind regards, Bill

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