The Photographer’s Portfolio Development Workshop

I am happy to announce that the eBook version of my next book has been published by Rocky Nook. The lessons were originally written for my online course many years ago. I am so excited to turn this very successful course, that I taught for eight years, into book form.

This book will teach you how to put your very best foot forward, developing portfolios that display your finest photos. I cover the art of editing your images and developing thematic portfolios. You will learn how to focus on the subjects that most inspire you. The lessons are designed to illustrate a self-guided process of conceiving themes, editing new and previous work, and then developing a strong thematic portfolio ready for presentation. I taught this course for eight years, and I saw all students make good progress, and most students progressed remarkably during the sessions.

A very valuable tool for this workshop is the PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP  LESSON SUMMARIES AND WORKSHEET (see screenshots below). Since the workshop is designed to be self-guided, the worksheet helps you stay on task through each lesson AND can be used repeatedly as you develop future portfolios.

I suggest that the Print and eBook Bundle is an excellent value, now available for immediate download at a 40% discount. You can download the ebook now, and then receive the hardcopy in June when it arrives from the printer. The same printer that did a masterful job of reproducing my photographs in Light on the Landscape book is printing this new book. In fact, both of my Rocky Nook books are available at the 40% discount shown below using the same code.

The bundle is $39.99, but with the code applied, becomes $26.96 with shipping.

The Photographer’s Portfolio Development Workshop

Here is a basic outline of the objectives for each lesson:

Lesson One: Learn what you have.

Lesson Two: Edit for two favorite themes.

Lesson Three: Photograph new images for one of those two themes.

Lesson Four: Begin learning the process of building a theme from past and new images (making new work is always encouraged in each lesson).

Lessons Five & Six: Practice what you’ve learned so far to build skill.

Lesson Seven: Discover ideas and resources for sharing your portfolios.

Lesson Eight: Complete and realize your photographic vision and passion.